At Ambition Entertainment we cherish talent and respect artists. Our company opened its doors in 2009 and since our first release we have gone from strength to strength working with some of the finest artists in Australia and from around the world.

We pride ourselves on being the premier independent contemporary music company in the land. Our label Fanfare Records is without doubt the most respected Adult Contemporary label having achieved several Platinum and Gold sales status projects.


Ambition Entertainment also counts Jazz, Classical and Country Music collections as part of our family of labels.


We also take pride in the way we manage relationships, nurture, promote and market our artists and their projects. Our speciality is working a project until it has realised its full potential. Some may call this an "old school" music practice but we call it having belief and attention to detail.


We seek licensing of artist projects and catalogues from labels with the intention to form long term successful relationships and outcomes for our clients and partners.