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AMBITION ENTERTAINMENT Licensing - Overview & Guidelines

AMBITION ENTERTAINMENT's Licensing Department handles the licensing of AMBITION ENTERTAINMENT's catalogue of sound recordings and music videos in Australia.

AMBITION ENTERTAINMENT's Licensing Department offers non-exclusive licences for a range of uses, including synchronisation licences (eg. films, computer games and audio-visual presentations); compilation licences; communication to the public licences (eg. transmission in media such as television, radio, internet or mobile devices) and public performance (eg. playing music videos and sound recordings in public places, such as commercial premises).

You will need to negotiate a licence agreement with AMBITION ENTERTAINMENT's Licensing Department before using any of AMBITION ENTERTAINMENT's sound recordings or music videos.

Please contact for our Licensing Enquiry Application Form and return .

Licence applications and are considered and negotiated on a case-by-case basis having regard to the proposed use.

Once the completed Application Form is considered, a quote will be provided which will be subject to contract and in most cases will also be subject to formal clearance (eg. artist or label approval). In the event that agreement is reached on the terms, a formal licence agreement will be issued for signing.

Please note that:

1. A separate licence is required in relation to the use of musical works and lyrics embodied in sound recordings and music videos. You will need to contact the relevant music publisher or music publishing collecting society (eg. APRA/AMCOS in Australia) to obtain the necessary publishing licence(s).

2. In relation to certain types of public performance and communication to the public, you may also directly approach the Phonographic Performance Company of Australia (PPCA) which non-exclusively offers licences which cover AMBITION ENTERTAINMENT's catalogue (together with the catalogues of other record companies) eg. licences for broadcasting, music on hold and playing music in commercial premises.

3. Particular sound recordings do not have public performance or broadcast rights in Australia, which means that a licence is not required to exercise those rights. Independent legal advice should be sought to determine which sound recordings fall within this exception.

4. AMBITION ENTERTAINMENT may revise this Overview & Guidelines section from time to time in its discretion.

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