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Jon English was born in Hampstead, London, and came to Australia when he was 12. He is one of few Australian performers who have successfully combined a career in music, television and stage.

In the early 70’s Jon auditioned for Harry M Miller’s first production of Jesus Christ Superstar. He was given the prestigious and demanding lead role of Judas at the age of just 22. The show's phenomenal success kept him busy for the next five years, touring all over Australia and New Zealand.

In partnership with Mario Millo, Jon wrote all the incidental music for Against the Wind. He also wrote the theme song, Six Ribbons, which became a number one hit in more than six countries.

As a result of Against the Wind, Jon became one of the rare performers to win an acting Logie and a TV Week/Countdown award (for best male vocalist) in the same year.

A prolific songwriter, experienced screen composer, and a popular actor with wide community recognition and critical public acclaim, Jon English is undoubtedly one of Australia’s most successful, loved, and enduring recording and performing artists.


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