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margaret brandman

Margaret's career spans over 45 yrs, starting at an early age studying several instruments including piano at the Conservatorium of Music and completing a composition degree at the University of Sydney.

She is an accomplished pianist, accredited piano teacher, composer, arranger and music educator who has performed and lectured both in Australia and abroad. Margaret has composed music for a variety of instrumental combinations and voice. Her publications include a complete range of music education materials including Accent on Music (High School text) and the Contemporary Piano Method.

Margaret’s music is performed and recorded both in Australia and internationally. From time to time she performs her own works at selected concerts, both in Australia & abroad. Apart from her orchestral and chamber works, her various albums include many of her own performances of her solo piano and piano duet works. Margaret has also been actively involved in recordings as piano accompanist for her substantial collection of duet works for voice and piano or instruments and piano.

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